Midland Heating and Air Conditioning

Midland Heating and Air Conditioning is one of the Premier Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors in the Minneapolis St Paul area. When you need a residential HVAC company in the Minneapolis, St Paul area you can count on Midland. We have been providing home hvac services since 1950. Call us at 612-869-3213.

We have been warming winters and cooling summers since 1950.


We Specialize in Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Services

We install, repair and service furnaces, boilers, central air, and ductless air conditioning systems as well as underfloor hydronic heating systems.

Our crews are well trained, friendly and skillful. We equip our service trucks with 99% of the tools and parts likely to be needed in most any circumstances. We would claim 100%, but there is always that odd occasion when we need to secure or fabricate an unusual part for older systems.

What this means to you, is that we will get the job done right the first time and we will be in and out of your home as quickly as possible.

Air Conditioning


As mentioned above, we are a residential air conditioning contractor well versed in all types of Air Conditioning systems.  Our Services include: Air Conditioning Installation, Air Conditioning Service and Air Conditioning Repair.

Air Conditioning Installation

When you are ready to switch from window air conditioners to a more effective and efficient system, call on Midland to be your Air Conditioning Installer.  We are also your best choice when you need Air Conditioning Replacement when updating an older system. Today’s more efficient systems will save you money, and Midland will up that ante by being your most cost effective AC Installation Resource.

When you need air conditioner installation, call Midland Heating and Air Conditioning at 612-869-3213. 

Air Conditioning Service

Midland offers airconditioner service.  Your air conditioner is a machine, and over the course of a season switches on and off thousands of times. It has moving parts and sophisticated control systems.  An annual AC Service call will help prevent the need for a Repair call.

Call us at 612-869-3213 to schedule an air conditioner service call.

Air Conditioning Repair

When you need Airconditioning Repair you want it right away. Odds are it will be the hottest and muggiest day of the year.

Call us at 612-869-3213 and we will dispatch an expert in air conditioner repair to your house the same day. While we strongly recommend an annual service call to prevent the need for repairs, you can count on Midland Heating and Air Conditioning when you need AC Repair.


Residential Heating: Gas Forced Air Furnaces


Furnace Repair Services and Routine Servicing

If your furnace goes out, call Midland at 612-869-3213 for prompt professional heating repairs. Better yet, avoid the need to call for furnace repairs by having your furnace inspected annually. Regular furnace servicing will catch problems before they happen. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way toward insuring your gas forced air heating system is working at its highest efficiency. Not to mention its ability to keep you warm on cold winter days.

Gas Forced Air Furnace Installation and/or Replacement

Is it time for a new furnace? Midland is your best bet for St Paul and Minneapolis Furnace Replacement. Call us at 612-869-3213 to schedule an estimate for your new heating installation, you will be pleasantly surprised. A new furnace will prove to be a cost effective investment due to the current generation of high efficiency furnaces combined with Midlands excellent reputation and economical installations.  This is especially true if you need a gravity furnace replacement. These old beasts, while dependable are major energy guzzlers.


Residential Heating: Gas Hot Water Boilers


Certified Gas Hot Water Boiler Maintenance and Repair Service for Minneapolis & St Paul

Midland is your resource for the service and maintenance of residential gas hot water heating systems. Our Service Techs are properly certified and licensed for boiler repairs and service work in both Minneapolis and St Paul. When you call on Midland, you can be certain to get a qualified technician, who can get your system working to its maximum efficiency quickly and as inexpensively as possible. When you need Gas Hot Water Boiler Repair Service, call Midland Heating at 612-869-3213 for prompt professional attention.

Gas Hot Water Boiler Replacement and Installation for Minneapolis and St Paul Area

Today’s Residential gas hot water boilers can achieve efficiencies of up to 95% compared to yesterdays more typical 40%. This can result is significant savings on your gas bill. When you are ready to invest in a new gas hot water boiler installation, you should call on Midland Heating at 612-869-3213 to assure yourself of a cost effective installation. Your hot water boiler replacement will pay you significant dividends over time in both comfort and reduced gas bills.

Hot Water In Floor Radiant Heating Systems

Noting is nicer than warm toes on a cold morning. Midland is your best choice when it comes to the installation of a new infloor radiant heat system for your home. In Floor Radiant Heat is an investment you will enjoy for years to come. Call us at 612-869-3213 to schedule an initial inspection to explore how you too can enjoy a warm bathroom floor or radiant heat anywhere else in your home.

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