Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

We have been installing and repairing air conditioners for over seventy years in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.  When you’re stuck in the searing heat and humidity of summer and need your air conditioning needs repair, you can really feel helpless.  Fortunately our fast, friendly technicians repair all kinds of home cooling systems, from mini-split AC to geothermal heat pumps. We answer the phones 24 hours a day 7 days a week and even offer same day service, so if your overheating in your own home because of a broken AC, you can make a repair appointment right away.

We service all makes and models whether you’re living in Minneapolis or St. Paul areas we’ll be there quickly to diagnose and repair your air conditioner.  No matter how your home is cooled we service such as:

  • Mini Split Systems
  • Unico High Velocity Systems
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Ductless Air Conditioning
  • Heat Pumps
  • Geothermal
  • Recharging refrigerant

AC Tune Up and Maintenance Services

We also offer preventative maintenance and tune-up services so you don’t end up spending a couple days in the heat of summer.  Annual maintenance is recommended by all AC manufacturers.  A Tune up will make your AC more efficient and lower your energy bills.  A regular maintenance program will prevent the breakdowns during those hot days of summer and will extend the life of your air conditioner by years.

Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation Services

If you’ve found its time to replace your old air conditioning system, Midland Heating and Air Conditioning brings the expertise and experience to do it right.  We even offer an instant quoting tool so that you can get an estimate of costs even before calling us to verify your quote.