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Unico high velocity air conditioning Installations, Replacements, Repair in Minneapolis and St. Paul


The Unico high velocity air conditioning system can be used to heat or cool homes or buildings that have no duct work, inadequate duct work, or boiler heat.  A great air conditioning solution for historic homes, log homes, retrofits and home remodeling projects as well as custom homes and new construction.  The Unico System adapts perfectly to any type of residential or commercial application.

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The Unico air conditioning system, small-duct central heating and air conditioning can be installed as the primary air conditioning system and as a primary or supplemental heating system.  It operates like any other central air system, with the following differences and benefits:

  • Unico Air Conditioning systems out perform conventional heating and air conditioning systems by utilizing a patented high velocity stream of air – The air is delivered quietly and seamlessly into the room using small, 2 inch flexible ducts that fit almost anywhere.
  • Increased moisture removal during cooling – The Unico cooling system eliminates drafts and removes 30% more relative humidity than a traditional heating and air conditioning system.  Humidity removal is achieved with the superior and efficient design of the Unico cooling coils.
  • The heat pumps are truly warm air systems – delivering the air at substantially higher temperatures than a convention system without the need for electric heat strips.
  • Minimal duct loss – The small ducts are factory insulated and easily sealed.  With approximately 1/3 the surface area of a conventional system, duct losses are kept to a minimum when installation in an unconditioned space is unavoidable.

More accessories and options than any other high velocity system on the market – The Unico System is extremely quiet because of its special sound-absorbing insulation – The air handler is insulated and vibration pads are used on the system to reduce vibrations and add extra sound absorption.The Unico air conditioning system can be used with any condensing unit of the proper capacity.

A hydronic (hot water) coil can be used with a boiler to supply heat.

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For more information about The Unico Small Duct Heating & Air Conditioning System please visit the Unico Systems website here.  Or, to see an example of our work, read the following article about our installation at the Minnesota Birth Center.

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